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Founded in 1920, the Burbank Chorale is one of the oldest musical organizations in the state of California. Formerly known as the Burbank Choral Club, the Burbank Chorale holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously performing arts organization in the San Fernando Valley.

From 1926 to 1928, the Burbank Choral Club won first prize in Welsh singing for three consecutive years in the finals of the California Eisteddfod Association, competing with choral groups from all over Southern California.

In June 1931, they participated in the Biennial of the National Federation of Music Clubs held in San Francisco, receiving top reviews.

The Burbank Chorale Club

Parade Float - 1921

In 1932, the Burbank Choral Club was represented in the Olympic Chorus that performed during the Olympic games held in Los Angeles.


They also performed at the World's Fair expositions in San Diego in 1935 and San Francisco in 1939.

Burbank Chorale Club - Pirates of Penzan

The Burbank Chorale Club

Pirates of Penzance - 1927

In 1948 the Club inaugurated the auditorium at Luther Burbank High School and staged a benefit performance with the Burbank Symphony Orchestra to raise funds for the Polio Foundation.


Between 1957 and 1970, through the vigorous leadership of Dr. Louis P. Nash, membership in the Burbank Choral Club grew to more than one hundred.

In 1985, after sixty-five years of being known as the Burbank Choral Club, the group changed its name to the Burbank Chorale.

Since September 2000, the Burbank Chorale has been under the dynamic leadership and inspiring artistry of its current director, Mikhail Shtangrud.

Today the Burbank Chorale continues its tradition of presenting outstanding musical performances. In May 2006, the Burbank Chorale scaled new heights with the triumphant performance of the Mozart Requiem with 22-piece orchestra at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glendale.

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